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On this rock I will build my church
Matthew 16:18

The harvest truly is great .... Luke 10:2

- A Heart for Sharing Some Good News

Devo, Sermon, Bible Study Videos

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Jesus, Matthew 11:29. 

Videos are from our Bible classes, worship services, and other church events. They were recorded live. Have your Bible handy, and follow along as our speakers present lessons from the scriptures.  Live streaming during church services.

Men of Strength(2/16/20) Where Is Your Bank?(2/23/20)
Can You Give a Defense for... Baptism?(2/16/20) Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (2/12/20) Barak -A Man of Faith (2/9/20) Jesus Is coming Back (2/9/20) Can You Give a Defense for... Jesus' Resurrection? (2/2/20)
Be Merciful and Forgiving (2/2/20) Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (1/29/20) Three Ways We Are Inseparable from God (1/26/20) Are you a Failure in God's Sight? (1/26/20) Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (1/22/20)
Advice to Begin the New Year (1/19/20) Seek (1/19/20) Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (1/15/20) Obstacles to Faith (1/12/20) Manna from Heaven (1/12/20)
Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (1/8/20) Cain and Abel (1/5/20) Peter's Encouraging Words (1/5/20) Success for the New Year (12/29/19) Success for the New Year (12/29/19)
The Gospel of Luke PM (12/22/19) The Gospel of Luke AM (12/22/19) Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (12/18/19) The Gospel of Luke (12/15/19) The Pauline Circle (12/15/19)
Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (12/11/19) Lessons from Nehemiah (12/8/19) Why should I Care? (12/8/19) Bible Class: Messianic Prophesies (12/4/19) The Gospel of Luke (12/01/19)
An Appealing Church (12/1/19) Bible Class: The Patriarchs (11/27/19) The Gospel of Luke (11/24/19) Becoming as Little Children (11/24/19) Bible Class: The Patriarchs (11/20/19)
Psalm 119 (11/17/19) His Way or My Way (11/17/19) Bible Class: The Patriarchs (11/13/19) The Gospel of Luke (11/10/19) Here I Am, Send Me (11/10/19)
Bible Class: The Patriarchs (11/6/19) The Gospel of Luke (11/3/19) Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth (11/03/19) Bible Class: The Patriarchs (10/30/19) The Gospel of Luke (10/27/19)
Footprints of Jesus (10/27/19) Bible Class: The Patriarchs (10/23/19) A Job Day (10/20/19) Defining the Prize (10/20/19) Bible Class: Gender and Godliness (10/20/19)
Blessed Are They that Wait for Jehovah (10/13/19) Paul: Chief Among Sinners (10/13/19) The Peace of God (10/6/19) The Parable of the Sower (10/6/19) Planning for the Future (9/29/19)
Bringing the Dead Back to Life (9/29/19) Bible Class: The Patriarchs (9/25/19) 39th Lectures: What Does It Mean to Serve in Sincerity and Truth? (9/19/19) 39th Lectures: How Can the Church Serve Its Community? (9/19/19) 39th Lectures: Congregational Singing (9/19/19)
39th Lectures: How Can the Church Serve One Another? (9/19/19) 39th Lectures: The Mindset Needed to Serve the Lord (9/19/19) 39th Lectures: The Servant of the Lord Described (9/20/19) 39th Lectures: Which Master Will I serve?(9/20/19) 39th Lectures: Congregational Singing (9/20/19)
39th Lectures: Who Is a Faithful Servant? (9/20/19) 39th Lectures: Avoid Self-Serving Service (9/20/19) 39th Lectures: Characteristics of Jesus's Service (9/21/19) 39th Lectures: What Is My Reasonable Service?(9/21/19) 39th Lectures: My Service Will Follow in Judgement (9/21/19)
The Gospel of Luke (9/22/19) A Prayer for Church Growth (9/22/19) My Peace I Leave with You (9/15/19) Life in the Body (9/15/19) The Gospel of Luke (9/8/19)
Are You in or Out? (9/8/19) Bible Class: The Patriarchs (9/4/19) Benefits of Being in the Family of God (9/1/19) Christians Coping in a Violent World (9/1/19) Bible Class Acts 17 (8/28/19)
Encouraging Family Members to Faithfulness (8/25/19) What the Father Seeks (8/25/19) Bible Class Acts 17 (8/21/19) Challenges of a Growing Family (8/18/19) Lessons from Peter (8/18/19)
Bible Class: Acts 17 (8/14/19) Being Like My Big Brother Jesus (8/11/19) What Manner of Person Ought Ye to Be? (8/11/19) Bible Class: Acts 17 (8/7/19) How Can I Be Like My Father? (8/4/19)
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage (8/4/19) When Discouragement Overtakes a Family Member (7/28/19) Blessed Are the Persecuted (7/28/19) Visiting Family Members Who Are Ill (7/21/19) Blessed Are the Peacemakers (7/21/19)
Blessed Are the Peacemakers (7/21/19) When Matters of Opinion Challenge the Family of God (7/14/19) Look Out from Among You (7/14/19) Comforting a Family Member After the Death of a Loved One (7/7/19) Blessed Are the Pure in Heart (7/7/19)
When a Family Member Goes Astray (6/30/19) Blessed Are the Merciful (6/30/19) How to Help Family Members Grow (6/23/19) Blessed Are They That Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness (6/23/19) Handeling Sibling Rivalries (6/16/19)
A Great Father (6/16/19) The Puppets (6/9/19) In the Beginning (6/9/19) A Light Set on a Hill (6/9/19) How to Become Part of God's Family (6/2/19)
Blessed Are the Meek (6/2/19) Standing in the Awe of God (5/26/19) Blessed Are They That Mourn (5/19/19) Anxiety vs. Peace (5/19/19) Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit (5/12/19)
Momma, I Can't Help But Love You When...(5/12/19) Intro to the Beatitudes (5/5/19) Carnality vs Spirituality (5/5/19) Great Mountains of the Bible (4/21/19) The Most Influential Event in History (4/21/19)
Pure Religion (4/14/19) Jesus, Model for Making Disciples (4/14/19) Risky Faith (4/10/19) Blessed Assurance (4/9/19) Stand in Awe (4/8/19)
Rely on God (4/7/19) Where Are You Sitting? (4/7/19) Family Worship (4/7/19) The Elegance of the Model of Christianity (3/31/19) Preparing Our Young People for Dating (3/31/19)
Prayer Emphasis (3/24/19) The Brevit of Life (3/24/19) Four Situations That Shake the Earth (3/1/19) The Cross of the King of the Jews (3/1/19) Don't Fight with One Arm Behind You (3/10/19)
The Importance of God's Family (3/10/19) Importance of Scripture (2/24/19) Essential Pillars to Support the Family of God: Communication (2/24/19) Helping the Next Generation (2/17/19) Jesus Walking on the Sea (2/10/19)
Essential Pillars to Support the Family of God: Excellence (2/3/19) 7 Reasons to Love the Word of God (2/3/19) Essential Pillars to Support the Family of God: Effort (1/27/19) Keeping a Song in Your Heart (1/27/19) Elders Retreat: 2019 Growth Plans (1/20/19)
Two Faces of God (1/20/19) Essential Pillars to Support the Family of God (1/6/19) What Prayers Move God? (1/6/19) Accept the Challenge? (12/30/18) Repentance Resolution (12/30/18)
Believe (12/23/18) The Seven Blessings of Revelation (12/23/18) Choosing Deacons (12/16/18) Around the Fire of Coals (12/16/18) What Would You Do? (12/9/18)
Blessings of Love (12/9/18) Reverence in Worship (12/2/18) Biblical Claims of Inspiration (12/2/18) Developing a Biblical Worldview (11/25/18) Why Be Thankful? (11/25/18)
Does a Camel Have a Better Chance? (11/18/18) Building Bridges (11/18/18) Preaching in Worship (11/11/18) Seven Habits of Highly Effective Christians (11/4/18) Giving in Worship (11/4/18)
The Lord's Supper in Worship (10/28/18) Persistence in Prayer (10/28/18) Growing in Love (10/21/18) Suggestions for the Abundant Life (10/21/18) Singing in Worship (10/14/18)
The Will of God (10/14/18) Prayer in Worship (10/7/18) Glorifying God (10/7/18) God Helps Us Through Temptations (9/30/18) From a Worrier to a Spiritual Warrior (9/30/18)
For This Is the Will of God (9/23/18) Lessons from the Church of Rome (9/23/18) At Times of Peace (9/9/18) Advantages of Wisdom (9/9/18) Ten Signs of Spiritual Growth (9/2/18)
Developing the Fruit of the Spirit (9/2/18) We Live to Die to Live Again (8/26/18) The Greatest of These Is Love (8/26/18) Are You Content? (8/19/18) Love Versus the Old System of Revelation (8/19/18)
Victory in Jesus (8/12/18) The Behavior of Love (8/12/18) The Behavior of Love (8/5/18) Building Our Faith (5/27/18) Control the Tongue (5/20/18)
Beauty of a Godly Wife (5/13/18) What Are You to God? The Grace of God The Devices of Satan Let Me Introduce You to Jesus
Is Your Name Written There? Forgiveness from the Heart There's Power in the Blood Have ye Not Read? Let Your Light Shine So God Can be Glorified
Lesson from the Life of Peter Lead Me to Some Soul Today Singing in Worship More Than Conquerors The True Tabernacle
Dead, Yet Alive A Night to Remember Don't Hold on to the Hogs What We Do When We Do Not Have the Power to Do? Life By the Will of God
Clothed, Yet Naked Let Your Light So Shine: in your Home When I Am Old Can These Dry Bones Lives? One Thing I Ask of the Lord
Preparing for the Coming of Jesus What Shall I Render to God for His Graciousness? The Touch of Jesus Remember How Short My Time Is What It Means to Be Lost